Calling all pet parents!

Have you ever wondered what's in your pet's food? Do you struggle trying to figure out what type of food to buy? Are you uncomfortable reading a pet food label? Have you heard of by-products or fillers, but wonder what they are? Do you want to learn more about nutrition, but you are unsure of who to ask?

​Then you're in luck! Feeding Raven Doodles was created for pet owners just like you.


With so much misinformation and pseudoscience on the internet, not to mention fear-based marketing by pet food companies, it is truly difficult to figure out which websites are reliable and contain factual information. Feeding Raven Doodles is a helpful, user-friendly resource for pet owners who want to learn more about pet nutrition.


Our goal is to help pet owners become more aware of the importance of nutrition, to make nutrition science and research more accessible to pet owners, and to assist them in making informed decisions regarding their pets’ food. Feeding Raven Doodles only shares information that is based in science and backed up by research, because we strive to be transparent and honest with all pet parents. 


 Learn about Dr. George, the creator of Feeding Raven Doodles -  a pet parent's guide to nutrition.


Read all about pet nutrition. Articles include lots of detail, as well as resources and additional reading materials.


Watch informational videos about nutrition science, pet foods, and popular nutrition topics.


Exotic pets

Learn about feeding popular pets like small mammals, birds, and reptiles!

Learning modules


Check out dozens of additional resources for pet owners, including blogs written by veterinarians, animal nutrition websites, veterinary medical resources, and much more!

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