Stepfanie, James, Raven, Bruin, and Fawn, 2019

Dr. Stepfanie George is a pet parent and veterinarian who loves animal nutrition. 

She lives in the United States with her husband James and their pets. They have a cat, Raven, for whom this site was named. They also have two dogs, a German Shepherd named Bruin and a Beagle named Fawn. Their smallest pet is a ferret named Wren.

Dr. George grew up in Rhode Island and attended college in Massachusetts. She then moved to Missouri to attend veterinary school, where she graduated in May of 2022. She also obtained her Master of Public Health degree in December 2022. Dr. George works full-time as a mixed-animal veterinarian in rural Texas.

​In college, Dr. George took two nutrition courses and subsequently fell in love with the subject. In veterinary school, she helped a few colleagues create a new veterinary nutrition club, then held the secretary position in the club. She is a member of the AAVN and frequently has contact with board-certified veterinary nutritionists and other experts in the industry.

Dr. George's goal is to help educate pet parents by providing them with credible, science-based sources of information about nutrition. She uses her precious free time to compile resources, formulate articles, and record videos for the Feeding Raven Doodles collection. She would love for Feeding Raven Doodles to one day become pet owners’ one-stop spot for everything they need to know about companion animal nutrition.



Bachelor of Science, Veterinary Science

Pre-Veterinary Concentration

Equine Studies Minor

Relevant coursework:Clinical Veterinary NutritionEquine Nutrition

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Master of Public Health

Relevant coursework:Veterinary NutritionSmall Animal Nutrition (clinical rotation)
Organizations:Veterinary Nutrition Club - SecretaryAmerican Association of Veterinary Nutrition - Student Committee Member


American Veterinary Medical Association 


Texas Veterinary Medical Association 


American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition

Student Chapter Committee Member2020-2022

Dr. Stepfanie George is not a salesperson, nor is she employed by any pet food companies. Dr. George will not provide medical advice or diet recommendations online and/or without a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship. All suggestions given by Feeding Raven Doodles are for normal, healthy animals only. If your pet is sick or needs a specific diet to treat a disease, please contact your pet’s usual veterinarian for personalized care.